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Black Mask Studios brings a unique spin to variant covers with its debut issue of LIBERATOR, a fiercely strong tale of animal avenging vigilantism that is garnering stunningly positive reviews and doesn’t screw around according to The NY Post.

Liberator #1 debuts with two mass market covers (Tim Seeley’s and Yildiray Cinar’s, printed at a 3:1 ratio) as well as two ultra-rare limited editions variant covers, including a Rod Reis painting of Liberator’s female lead Jeanette (limited to 750 print run) and an anti-Ag-Gag cover only available in states where Ag-Gag laws are moving through legislation (limited to 150 print run).

With Ag-Gag laws, lobbyists are pushing to criminalize the act of videotaping animal abuse. Recent coverage in The NY Times and Wired breaks it down. When peaceful actions like videotaping animal torture are banned, then otherwise law-abiding activists will be pushed into the types of destructive vigilantism displayed by Liberator’s Punisher-esque anti-hero.

Liberator #1 introduces animal avenging vigilantism to the superhero genre with a raw, realistic, and revolutionary approach that follows through on its tagline: Real heroes don’t wear capes, they wear ski-masks.

Earth First Journal boldly stated: The comic world hasn’t had anything approaching this since Grant Morrison’s Animal Man chickened out during a laboratory arson.

Bleeding Cool calls Liberator: A fiercely strong, clever book that refuses to preach.

Graphic Policy points out: No matter your opinion on the issue, it’s a great read & interesting cause.

And Comics Beat calls it: Debut of the year… unmissable.

Liberator writer-creator Matt Miner is a newcomer with a double-debut, along with Liberator’s premiere issue Miner also contributed a 7-page story to Occupy Comics #2 about how Occupy Sandy rescued his Rockaway, NY neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.





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