writer: Adam Egypt Mortimer
artist: Darick Robertson
colorist: Diego Rodriguez
letterer: Crank
format: 5 issue mini-series

Darick Robertson (Happy, The Boys, Transmetropolitan) and Adam Egypt Mortimer’s madcap, psychedelic, transreal buddy adventure about Butch and his best friend Gun, a drug-addicted, genetically-modified, foul-mouthed firearm, as they attempt to elevate Butch from air conditioner repairman to master criminal in the twisted, post-eco-apocalyptic Repo City State, a reclaimed trash island built entirely from DNA-based, living technology with bad attitudes.

An unhinged masterwork.

“A future classic.”
-Publishers Weekly
“As enjoyable as it is certifiable.”
-USA Today
“My favorite comic of the year.”
-Grant Morrison

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