The Dregs

writers: Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler
artist: Eric Zawadzki
colorist: Dee Cunniffe



“From the news we get the story of a neighborhood under siege, and of health authorities reluctantly trying to clean up a mess…
When reality is this grim, sometimes it takes a brutal tale of lost friendship and cannibalism to help make sense of it.”

“Runaway pick for the best comic of 2017. 10 out of 10”
-Big Comics Page

“Lowbrow brilliant.”
-New York Magazine

“Best Comics Of The Year So Far: The Dregs is far more than just a great example of its genre, it’s comic book craft at its finest.”
-Book Riot

“Exceptional… A chilling Grand Guignol narrative rooted in major issues facing big cities.”
-AV Club

“No matter how shocking ‘The Dregs’ might be, the series points a finger at socioeconomic problems in America making it a must-read.”
-Comic Book Resources

“Nadler and Thompson’s research makes The Dregs feel almost like a work of graphic novel journalism”

“Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler’s Chandler-referencing inner monologues sizzle.”

“Unlike anything else.”

“Horrific and mesmerizing all at once.”

“Operates at the intersection of David Cronenberg and Cannibal Holocaust…”

“The Dregs #4 is a smart, wicked, dark, hopeful, bloody, furious, angry, hurt howl.”
-Bleeding Cool

“A pulp noir that may be the best book of the year.”
-Doom Rocket

“The Dregs is as smart and as nuanced as comic book storytelling gets. 10 out of 10”

“I’m so confident in its brilliance, I’m not afraid to rank it with some of the greatest graphic novels of all time: Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and Sin City. 10 out of 10”
-Comic Bastards

“Masterfully crafted with a nod to crime noir of the past. 10 out of 10”

“The storytelling is beyond excellence. 10 out of 10”
-Comic Crusaders

“The Dregs is a brilliant read, with powerful subtext the beating heart of a horror mystery. 10 out of 10”
-That’s Not Current

“The Dregs is a powerhouse of a comic, stretching the boundaries of the medium. 10 out of 10”

A gentrified city. Its homeless population restricted to six square blocks called The Dregs. When people start disappearing, a drug addled homeless man obsessed with detective fiction becomes addicted to solving the mystery. Equal parts Raymond Chandler and Don Quixote set in a thriving metropolis that literally cannibalizes the poor, The Dregs is the first homeless meta noir ever made.

“The Dregs is (no bullshit) incredible. Warren Ellis meets Raymond Chandler. Great.”
– DONNY CATES (God Country, Thanos)

“Really confident… builds the world wonderfully.”
– STEVE ORLANDO (Midnighter & Apollo)