writer: Mark L. Miller
artist: Carlos Granda
colorist: Champe Ramirez
letterer: Jim Campbell
format: 4 issue mini-series

Raised from infancy by duplicitous clowns who entertain by day and menace by night, Pirouette dreams of washing the paint from her face and escaping to a better life far away from her cruel adoptive circus family… because when the spotlights dim and the crowd disperses, the clown princess’ big-top dreams give way to a nightmarish world of monsters with painted smiles.

“I loved Pirouette!”
-Charles Soule (writer, Death of Wolverine)
“Utterly sublime. 10 out of 10.”
-Big Comic Page
“Captivating and colorful.. 9 out of 10.”
-Bloody Disgusting

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