Critical Hit

writer: Matt Miner
artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
colorist: Doug Garbark
letterers: Crank, Jim Campbell
format: 4 issue mini-series

Synopsis: Sarah and Jeanette love animals with a vengeance. Under cover of darkness, they don ski-masks and wield sledgehammers, rescuing abused animals from dog-fighting rings, illegal testing labs, and other abusers. When they wreak havoc on a rogue gang of hunters, though, the girls find themselves in over their heads. The gang they’ve stumbled onto aren’t hunters – they’re serial killers. And soon the liberators become the prey!

Fan-favorites Jeanette & Sarah from the Liberator series go in a bold new direction with their own gritty mission!

“Smart, political, and dangerous.” -Rhymes With Geek

“I really cannot recommend this series enough. It was a very well written, character driven story. From beautiful art to a well told story, Critical Hit was just that…a hit.” -Comix I Read

“Miner creates a superhero out of the regular every day person. He shows that having a belief is more than enough of something to put your life on the line for, and that you can be a better more proactive person than you ever thought. That’s what makes you super, not a power, but an ideology. That’s a theme that will be with me for a long time to come.” -Bloody Disgusting

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