The Disciples

writer: Steve Niles
artist: Chris Mitten
colorist: Jay Fotos
letterer: Thomas Mauer
format: 4 issue mini-series

Synopsis: In a future where our solar system has been colonized by the rich, interstellar bounty hunters Dagmar, Rick, and Jules follow a missing girl’s trail to a cult on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. When they arrive, the intrepid bounty hunters discover the cultists have provoked a terrifying force.

“Starts creepy and slowly ratchets up the dread until the last page, proving once again that Black Mask Studios is a publisher to be reckoned with.” -Newsarama

“If you’re looking for a creative sci-fi/horror comic that leaves you with the perfect amount of questions and tons of room to grow,TheDisciples #1 is the answer. 10 out of 10.” -Comix I Read

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