The Skeptics

writer: Tini Howard
artist: Devaki Neogi


“Lose your cynicism and believe in this.”
KIERON GILLEN (The Wicked & The Divine)

“Beautifully subversive like classic Grant Morrison, The Skeptics is cold-war paranoia rendered with great characters and a warm heart.”
BRYAN HILL (Postal, Romulus)

“The Skeptics is a frantically paced Cold War underdog story featuring a pair of inspiring female scientists and the most charming con artist this side of John Constantine. It’s an espionage/alternate-history tale with character.”

“Enter a world of psychic teens and cold war con artists in The Skeptics”

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A stylish, political adventure about a pair of hip, clever teens who fool the world into believing they have superpowers. Think the adolescent political mischief of Wargames meets the 60s style and fashion of X-Men: First Class.

It is the 1960s. The Russians have the A bomb, the H bomb, and now the most terrifying weapon of all: a pair of psychically superpowered young people. Terrified and desperate, the US top brass scours from coast to coast in search of psychic Americans. Enter Dr. Isobel Santaclara, an eccentric illusionist and grifter who has recruited two teenagers and trained them to trick the US government, the Russians, and the whole world into believing they are dangerous psychics. The Skeptics is a pre-punk period piece, a sort of honest, unfuzzy, non-nostalgic look at the Cold War in DC. Like a cross between Kill Your Boyfriend and Hard Day’s Night, but about politics and ethics and how punk rock it is to be the smartest person in the room.