We Can Never Go Home

writers: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
artists: Josh Hood, Brian Level
colorists: Amanda Scurti, Tyler Boss
letterers: Jim Campbell, David C. Hopkins
covers: Michael Walsh
format: 5 issue mini-series

Synopsis: Teenage misfits Duncan and Madison discover they share two secrets in common: they both have super powers, and neither is very good at staying out of trouble.

One Of The Best Comics Of 2015
– io9
– The Mary Sue
– All-Comic
– Multiversity
– Midtown Comics

“A pretty fantastic and engaging tale of teenagers getting powers way beyond their control, and how they react to that when things go horribly wrong.”

“Instantly addicting and fun.. has all the makings of a cult hit.”

“Surprisingly fresh.”

“It’s incredibly realized, poignant, and powerful stuff.”
-Bloody Disgusting

“I can’t recommend We Can Never Go Home enough… people will talk about it as the series that redefined independent and diverse story-telling.”

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